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...and to think creatively about what's ahead. 

Employee and Business Resource Groups are increasingly being tasked to provide their companies quality programming that adds value to the employee experience. This can be a lot of work--especially if you volunteer your time, on top of your full-time job. Attending one of our boot camps can help you and your ERG/BRG leaders create quality programming and peace of mind.  

Register for one of our 4-hour boot camps and leave with your entire programming calendar complete. Your group will also receive helpful insights via our assessment tools and supportive follow-up.  


Personalized ERG/BRG Assessment:

Created for your ERG/BRG, our assessment can help you and your colleagues understand gaps that exist within your group, and determine what's working. Our assessment provides clarity: we do the work of curating the best standards in the field by doing an in-depth survey of rankings, indexes, and other metrics that exist and help you understand where your group is at, and strategies to get you where you want to go.  

Program Development:

Over the course of the boot camp, we'll help you not only create valuable programming, but identify ways to measure your success. You'll leave with your programming for the year and with peace of mind.

Enhanced Supports:

For ERG/BRGs that would like additional support, you can chat with us about our enhanced support offerings, including quarterly community of practice meetings, and monthly check-ins and access to additional thought leadership.

Cost, Process & timeline: 


  • Our boot camp is a flat rate of $5,000 and allows for up to 10 ERG/BRG colleagues to attend. We can come to your business or we can host your ERG at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. Payments can be made online or we can invoice you. Payments must be made before we begin your assessment and boot camp.


  1. Register your ERG/BRG (using the link above).
    • We'll ask you what dates and times work best for your ERG/BRG leadership to take our pre-assessment, when you would like to schedule your bootcamp and how you would like to make your payment
    • Timeline: Try to register at least 1-2 month before your proposed boot camp date. Once you register, we'll schedule a quick call to discuss the pre-assessment and answer any questions you have.
  2. Complete the Assessment
    • We'll send you the link to the survey and you'll send it out to your ERG/BRG colleagues who plan to join you at the boot camp.
    • Timeline: We encourage having your ERG/BRG colleagues have at least two weeks to complete the assessment. We will need at least two weeks to compile results and incorporate them into your personalized boot camp.
  3. Attend Your Personalized Boot Camp! 
    • Your ERG/BRG's boot camp will provide you and your colleagues with smart programming insights tied to your data and results-based strategies for program implementation. 



Employees & consumers want authentic engagement.

This year, we'll be hosting two tours that will cover different aspects of LGBT history in Atlanta (both begin at the Center and will start promptly at 1pm, so arrive a little early): 

Tour 1 - Sunday, June 4, 1pm

Tour 1 will cover....

tour 2 - saturday, june 17, 1pm

Tour 2 will take you through the...